DSP+ Registered Apprenticeship Program


Monthly DSP+ Apprentice Site Sharing Group: Meets the first Thursday of each month from 3:30 Р4:30 p.m. Email mfletcher@interhab.org or mshreve@interhab.org for call details. 


InterHab Innovation Foundation EEO Pledge


Department of Commerce Resources
Dinner Bell Calls: https://ksapprenticeship.org/dinner-bell-calls/
Champion Training: https://ksapprenticeship.org/champion-training/
Kansas Apprenticeship Tax and Grant Act: https://ksapprenticeship.org/resource-page/kansas-apprenticeship-tax-and-grant-act/

Wichita State Badge Program:
Wichita State Badge Program – https://www.wichita.edu/academics/wpce/Badges/
Wichita State Badge Program – Third Party Billing Form
Wichita State University – Third Party Billing Letter Example
Wichita State Badge Program – Flyer

Contact for Enrollment: Tat.Hidano@wichita.edu
Contact for Third Party Billing: wsu3rdparty@wichita.edu

Learn more about OADSP: https://www.oadsp.org/

Learn more about Relias: https://www.relias.com/
Current Relias Courses: Click here
*Relias course titles subject to change 

On the Job (OTJ) Training: DSNWK Examples
Editable Tracking Sheet
Supervisor Competency Letter
Competency Checklist


Revised Appendix A
RA Employer Acceptance Agreement Appendix D Template
Example: ABC Company
Example: Acme Corporation

Other Helpful Information
Sample Welcome Letter
New Apprentice Site Welcome (sent to site after Acceptance Agreement is complete)
New Apprentice Candidate Welcome (sent to apprentice after enrollment in KansasWorks and RAPIDS)


Through WorkHands Apprentice Sites will help you manage your apprenticeship from anywhere – streamline tracking OJT, related instruction, and more from an intuitive platform and mobile app. Contact InterHab if you need assistance in managing your WorkHands login information. To sign up for WorkHands, email mfletcher@interhab.org.

How to approve compentencies in WorkHands

WorkHands training videos, each of these will be a quick under 2 minutes How-To for Apprentices or Supervisors in how to do time cards and evaluations:

Apprentice РTime Based

Apprentice – Competency Based

Supervisor – Time Based

Supervisor – Competency Based

To schedule additional WorkHands training, you can use this link: https://calendly.com/kcworkhands/whonboarding.

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