Independence, Inclusion, Innovation

Independence. Inclusion. Innovation.

For more than 50 years, InterHab has been working to improve the lives of Kansans with intellectual and developmental disabilities (“IDD”). In 1969, an alliance of community service professionals and skilled family advocates formed the Kansas Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (“KARF”).

Independence. Inclusion. Innovation.

Kansas is Facing a Crisis in Care

The pandemic has taken its toll on all our communities, and the field of disability supports is among the hardest hit. While some emergency assistance has been available to help disability service providers get PPE and make ends meet, those resources have come gradually and in stages. Right now, many providers are barely hanging on because they can’t cover daily costs, let alone reinvest in their operations, at a time when it is needed more than ever. Kansans with IDD still need the same type and level of support to live life in the community that they needed before COVID-19, now with added concerns over staying healthy and protected from the virus. We’re facing a Crisis in Care.

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We are excited to offer individuals a new way to become connected to InterHab, the premier advocacy and information resource on intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) issues in Kansas! For more than 50 years, InterHab has been at the forefront of advocacy on behalf of Kansans with IDD as well as the families and professionals who support them.

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